CCRD at a Glance

Founded: April 2009

Teams: Dolls of Anarchy, Panty Raiders, Rydell Belles, Thrill Kill Kittens, All Stars (A team), Pit Crew (B team), Cherry Blossoms Junior Derby

Venue: The Mad House, 1335 Madison Street NE, Salem, Oregon 97301


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Roller Derby Revolution

With a membership of over 150 skaters and growing, the Cherry City Roller Derby (CCRD) is a skater-owned league in Salem where women athletes of all ages and abilities can participate in the sport of flat track roller derby. CCRD is a part of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association and joins teams from all over the world in promoting roller derby as a way to combine athleticism with empowerment and a healthy lifestyle. Our skaters come from all walks of life – professionals, mothers, daughters, students, wives and partners, college students, and more and are committed to the success of CCRD and roller derby in Salem.

What Is Roller Derby?

Roller Derby is a fast-paced game played on an oval track by athletes on roller skates. Two teams of blockers compete to get their jammer through the pack of blockers to score points. A bout (or game) is split into two 30-minute periods made up of “jams” that last up to 2 minutes each. There’s constant action, great entertainment, serious competition, and a lot of fun packed into each roller derby experience.

In the Community

CCRD has a strong commitment to giving back to Salem with a featured non-profit organization at every bout. We believe that a part of our success depends on our skaters giving back to Salem. CCRD is working to help make Salem an even better place to be!